Many years ago in the little village of Bliss Four Corners in the Town of Tiverton, a group of people got together to establish a place for a Sunday School to teach their children about God.

The village had a post office, a store and a School house – but no place of worship. By 1891 it was decided to erect a Chapel and in 1892 the building began.


It was voted to erect a Chapel 42 feet long by 25 feet wide at a cost of $1000.00. The builder received $1.50 per day for his labors.

In July, 1892 (though the building was not completed) a concert honoring Children’s Day was held in the new Chapel.

In October a new organ was purchased for the sum of $75.00. The construction costs for the new Chapel included carpenter/mason labor at $403.00, while paint, a stove, curtains, seats and songbooks came to $89.00.

In 1915 the church took the name “Church of Christ at Bliss Four Corners”. In 1947, it changed to its current name, “Bliss Four Corners Congregational Church”.

Our church celebrated its centennial in 1992. This House of Worship has survived for more than 100 years because we completely believe in the TRIUNE GOD, the